Pentaho Data Integration

Business Analytic Framework!

Pentaho business analytic and data integration software, with Java database connectivity such as Pentaho Data Integration Oracle, offers a powerful and comprehensive platform with a wide range of uses for your business. Compatible with any Java based database management system, it provides data integration, business analytic and a big data integrated solution by gathering and merging data from various sources to deliver precise, analytic ready data.

Big data, or data sets so large and complex that they are too difficult to process with traditional applications, and other data sources can be delivered to your business and IT end users with ease, made possible through the use of simple to use visual tools that eliminate a lot of the coding.

Develop a tailored solution for your business analytic with the drag and drop intuitive interface. This visual tool means that developers can minimize the use of coding, which helps empower your business to increase productivity through the use of accurate, easily available information that enables better business decisions.

There is a graphical tool that allows dig data to be loaded and processed just like normal data sources, plus the large library of existing components makes data from a wide variety of different sources accessible and manageable. The graphic interface also allows the user to analyze media files, such as video and images, to create useful metadata, or descriptions of the contents and properties of the files.

Transforming data is the process of converting it from one format to another. The Pentaho visual interface allows for dynamic transformations, the process where a business can transform this data during run time, and uses variables to evaluate rules and map fields from the Oracle database. The in-built debugger is essential for testing out jobs and fine tuning them before implementing them in the real world.

An intuitive, code free management platform for big data integration and analytic is a highly valuable tool because it greatly speeds up the time needed to create, develop and implement a solution. Pentaho’s complete visual tools means that you do not have to code in SQL – Structured Query Language, the special-purpose programming language for your Oracle relational database management system (RDBMS). It also eliminates the need to write Java MapReduce functions, a parallel programming method used for processing big data where multiple machines each process smaller sets of data at once, enabling the entire job to be completed in less time.

As well as the Oracle database management system, Pentaho’s big data integration tool allows for connectivity to other data types and sources, including open source software frameworks such as Hadoop for the storage and large-scale processing of data-sets on parallel computing components, NoSQL or Not-Only-SQL databases for greater flexibility and control, and analytic databases, which are databases that are specifically designed to store, manage and process big data. Pentaho’s high performance parallel processing engine can extract and blend a variety of different data types to consistently produce analytic ready data for big data integration solutions, and is easily to scale up.

indexPentaho’s adaptive big data layer allows for faster access to, and support for, the latest Hadoop distributions, and NoSQL databases with the use of simple plugins. Along with native, flexible support, the adaptive layer provides connectivity to all big data sources, which helps your business to significantly save on development time as new versions or capabilities are tested or implemented, resulting in a stronger competitive edge because of increased flexibility, less risk, and the ability of your business to better withstand change.

A myriad of different tasks can be performed with Pentaho’s high end data integration software, including the reporting and analysis of various sources of data. The amount of user and machine data, such as data created from web content and social media, or documents and system files, grows steadily larger and so requires maximum performance features and utilities to load, analyze and then transform this data into a useful report that will help increase productivity for your business through more informed decisions.

It is the powerful, easy to use management capabilities of a comprehensive business analytics and data integration software that sets it apart from the rest. A data integration project requires ready to use administration tools that include a full range of security features. Permissions and security privileges can be set for each user or role, such as to control various user actions within the system. You can also roll back or restart jobs from the saved or last checkpoint, and monitor, analyze and evaluate selected data integration tasks.

It is essential for an administrator to be able to assess data quality in a data integration project; this can be accomplished with comprehensive data quality management capabilities. Data can be profiled, and any that fails to adhere to your business standards and rules can be identified. The data integration software is also able to deal with redundant or inconsistent data by a variety of methods, including standardizing, validating, cleansing, and data duplication – the technique of eliminating repeating data.

Pentaho’s purpose-built, flexible platform can be embedding and integrated with your existing applications. A full suite of business analytic can be adapted and combined with your current business infrastructure to offer a unique and powerful solution for truly customized business analytics. The platform can be extended to enable software providers to create a business analytics solution that will easily adapt to the future needs of your business, enabling faster market penetration, increased productivity, and higher profits.

Business analytic management and data integration needs a simple yet effective software solution with an interactive, intuitive approach. This is achieved with a sophisticated software platform that delivers advanced analytic and can handle anything from simple reports right up to the most complex tasks such as speculative modeling. Users are able to analyze data in multiple dimensions in a visual form, all without the high end coding and specialist IT skills which would otherwise be required. Pentaho gives your business users and IT administration the power to retrieve, access and integrate any type or size of data for all kinds of business analytics applications.