Top 3 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

In course of designing or remodeling your kitchen, you have to come across numerous ideas and designs that are quite overwhelming. You have to face similar situations when you need to make decisions about the kitchen cabinet hardware.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of factors for which you need to take a number of decisions- whether you should keep the old kitchen cabinet door or buy a new one, should you install fixed shelves or adjustable and many more. Even after making a million decisions about kitchen cabinets, there comes the next thing you need to consider- the kitchen hardware.

If you wish to bring a great stylish influence in your kitchen interiors, cabinet hardware can be the ultimate choice. It is like the jewelry of your kitchen that can embellish the place effectively. Remember that the pulls and knobs you are going to choose for your kitchen can bring a head-turning effect along with their effectiveness. To reduce your perplexity about your decisions, here are some effective ideas discussed in the article. Let’s explore top 3 ideas to make your kitchen trendy as well as fully functional.

  1. Metallic Finish Pulls and Knobs

At first, you need to find out the design of your cabinet since there are different design styles available in the market. The best thing is to choose a cabinet door with simple style so that you embellish it with cabinet hardware as per your choice. At present, tubular hardware with brushed nickel finish is a great idea to give a distinctively modern look and this can be perfectly used with white-style cabinet doors. Of course, you have the option to use glass knobs that can give a vintage effect to your kitchen where oiled bronze knobs and pull cups give the metallic finish as if you are in a Tuscan villa.

  1. Mixing the Practicality and Aesthetics

While making decision about kitchen cabinet hardware, you need to look after the matter that you are attending the practical use of the kitchen cabinets as well as their aesthetics. Basically, you are installing the knobs and pulls on the cabinets, drawers to pull them at ease.

But if you install a beautiful knob that does not fit with your hand, it is absolutely useless. In this respect, you can install the tubular bar pulls on the kitchen cabinets, as these are very effective to pull the kitchen drawers and cabinets with great ease. Moreover, the stainless steel tubular pulls are more effective as these can give classy look to your kitchen and at the same time, these are easy to maintain as well.

  1. Combination of Modern and Vintage Looks

In the present days, more and more people are choosing the mixed style in the kitchen hardware selection. Therefore, you just feel free to use different types of hardware with different finishes side by side. A popular move is to use brushed nickel pulls with gold-patterned and mercury finished glass knobs as these can give a great modern and vintage look to your kitchen cabinet while combining with painted white-and-grey kitchen texture.

Modern Cabinet Hardware

3 Tips to Find The Best Modern Cabinet Hardware

With the passage of time, the style and taste of human being changes. Interior home decoration is not an exception of this rule. When it is about home decoration, most of the persons wish to decorate their dream home exclusively that would stand out from others.


If you are also one of them, you need to focus on even the subtle things to make your home picture perfect. Investing on the costlier furniture and fashionable art crafts does not always enough to make your home beautiful. Sometimes you are required to concentrate on the small items such as modern cabinets and its hardware that can change the look of your interiors.

If you think about your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you need to concentrate how flexibly they can be drawn so that you can feel ease to use them. Yes, we are discussing about cabinet hardware that help you to use the cabinet with great alleviation and at the same time you can give an entire alteration look to the interior of your home- be it your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cabinet. Here, you are going to explore top 3 tips to give a makeover look for your modern cabinet hardware.

  1. Vintage Ceramic or Glass Knobs

In order to embellish your modern cabinet, one of the best things you can use is to install the vintage ceramic or glass knobs with it. If your cabinet has stained finish, you can use these knobs blindfolded, as these are unparalleled combination. The best contrast you can create with the modern stained cabinet by using a white ceramic or glass knob.

By installing the knobs on the cabinet drawers, you can give them a great vintage touch. In addition, these knobs are user-friendly enough as you can pull them at ease for everyday use. Moreover, you have the option to choose your colors and designs as these are available in wide range of colors, opaque, transparent and clear. Even you can choose these ceramic knobs with or without face screw.

So whether you have a modern cabinet such as glass-front hutch cabinets, scullery-style cabinets, black and white interiors, stained wood cabinet or subway tiles, these ceramic or glass knobs are excellent to create a modernized as well as historical feels.

modern kitchen hardware

  1. Tubular Bar Pulls Made of Stainless Steel

Another great way to decorate your cabinet is by using tubular bar pulls made of stainless steel. These bar pulls are immensely popular as the cabinet hardware both for kitchen and bathroom cabinets over last 10 years. You can effective install them running over the drawer or door as long as possible to look more classy. By using these stainless steel bar pulls, you can give your home interior a fresh, modern as well as industrial appeal. Even these long pulls create a pragmatic feel as if they are being utilized for the science-lab cabinet.

  1. C or J Channel Metal Rail Pulls

Another effective cabinet hardware is C or J channel pulls made of metal rails. These are especially effective for those who do not wish to pull their cabinets or want to see the pulls stick out in the traffic flow. These channel pulls are sleek in style that can be used on stained or painted flat cabinet doors and waterfall countertops.